Monday, September 26, 2011

Cammie and Louie

I felt very fortunate that Cammie and Louie chose me to be their wedding photographer.  They are both warm, beautiful, authentic people--and happily, very much in love.
And that kind of made me think I might want to take a moment to preach a little, about love.
As some folks advance through life, they seem to think that love can only happen once, or that it can only happen when you're young, or that it's passed them by, or that it's just too late.
But none of that is true!  Love can happen when and where you least expect it, at any point in your life. It's just as wonderful at 45 or 65 as it is at 15 or's LOVE, people, it's great, it feels good, and it's better than any drug.  If it's not in your life right now, don't believe that it won't be...stay open, and it'll find you.
And then call me to be your wedding photographer! ;)

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