Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oops, I lost 2012 somewhere...

OK, OK, I know I have never been great at blogging, I have been inconsistent at best, but sheesh...somehow I managed to go a whole YEAR without making a post here.  Good thing (?) I don't have a lot of followers--unless you call three "a lot".

Oh well, I can try better, right?  This is America, damn it, the land of the second, third, fourth...chance, keep on trying until you get it right!

A lot has happened in that year.  Jason and I adopted a baby together, well, a dog-baby, named Marshall.  Marshall will be three in a few months.  We got his from the wonderful Orlando Bully Rescue. His original owner was pretty mean to him. He was kept in a crate full-time for the first two years of his life, and when OBR got him, he was underweight, full of mange, not fixed, and had no idea how a dog was supposed to behave.

I can't say he's got the best manners, even now, but he did pass his Canine Good Citizen test last fall, and we are super proud of him!

I also got a house, which is a super cool. Like Marshall, it still needs a little work, but it's cozy and happy and full of love. On the agenda for this year is putting up a new fence, which will make the dogs and humans happy, and maybe painting the exterior.  If I can ever pick the right colors for it!

And I lost a fur-baby, little Oola, who passed away in her sleep not so long ago.  She was fine, and then she was gone.  Life is fleeting, which is a well-known fact, but always seems to take us by surprise.

I retired from my old day job, after almost 25 years, and started up a new one even before I was technically retired.

So maybe I have been a little busy, and I might perhaps have some bad-blogger excuses, but...I promise, THIS time I will try harder (or else, hey, see you next year!)